Every youth will have the opportunity to create a brighter future.


Nations Association’s youth programs are designed to reinforce positive lifestyles and affirmation for at-risk middle school and high school students in Southwest Florida. We address community issues, provide education on crime, drug and suicide prevention, anti-gang and bullying strategies. Our youth programs also teach life skills, character building, community service learning and leadership.


Nations Association Charities provides programs that transform at-risk youth into
“Points of Light” in our community.

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Crime Prevention:

These programs target changes in culture, and the environment to reduce crime through education and community awareness. We partner with faith-based organizations, local government and police agencies in addressing the factors that contribute to crime, delinquency, and disorder in our community.

youth programs, drug prevention, fort myers, nations assoc

Drug Prevention:

Nations Association provides education and support, to help diminish drug dependency among our kids, in our community and local schools. Drug prevention is an important first step in informing kids about the dangers of addiction, and where to find recovery help if it should become necessary.

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Suicide Prevention:

Family conflict, relationships, grades, identity, and loss can seem impossible to deal with. We’re here to help. We encourage our youth to talk to their mentors, friends, family, or teachers. We also reinforce that they can also use confidential resources like the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at any time.

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Character Building:

Our youth programs integrate character development and life skills with constructive character building exercises that teach our students life lessons that they can implement into their own lives, and hopefully pass down to others as well. Our kids are encouraged to apply what they’ve learned to real life situations:

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We proactively recognize, address, and help prevent traditional and cyber bullying and harassment by talking about it with our kids. We help build a safe environment, create awareness and teach bullying prevention strategies. At Nations, every student is positively motivated to succeed, thrive and get along with others.

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Community Service Learning:

Community service helps many people: children, seniors, people with disabilities, and even animals and the environment. We organize our own community service programs, in which our kids participate. And, they also volunteer in other community services, and learn service leadership skills.

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Gang Activity:

Although gangs are not new to our community, they continue to present significant problems that need attention. It is very important for us to educate our kids about gang activity. Failing to adequately address gang problems can lead to increased risk of victimization in schools and in our community for children and adults.

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Nations Association’s youth programs also provide:

Child and family support, financial literacy programs, food assistance through local business and individual donations, parent liaison advocates, and annual health fairs sponsored by Lee Health.

Summer Camp (Postponed for 2021)

Nations Association summer camp is for boys and girls ages 12-16 and includes indoor and outdoor games including volleyball, basketball, soccer, arts and crafts and workshops. There are several field trips, snacks and each camper receives a back to school backpack and school supplies.

There are unfortunately many children in our community who have little or nothing to look forward to during the summer. Many would like to attend a “summer camp” but are unable to do so because their families simply cannot afford to send them. We rely solely on businesses, organizations and individuals to help us give these deserving kids a chance to attend Nations Association’s summer camp. Space is limited.

summer camp, nations association, fort myers
summer camp, nations association, fort myers

Nations Association is a 501(c), non-profit organization.
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